Kale, Carrot & Avocado Salad (aka kale salad)

A salad we really like.ย  It may sound so simple as to be boring, but it is surprisingly good.

  • 1 bunch dino kalo
  • 1-2 carrots
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • pinch salt (1/2 tsp?)
  • olive oil
  • champagne vinegar (apple cider vinegar would do fine here)
  • lemon, lime, or orange juice
  • dijon
  • black pepper
  1. Prep the kale by removing any large ribs. Cut de-ribbed kale into thin strips crosswise. Place strips into a bowl and sprinkle with salt – gently massage salt into the kale for a minute or so.
  2. While the salted kale hangs out, grate the carrots.
  3. Chop the avocado. Toss the avocado with a squeeze of citrus to prevent browning.
  4. Add carrots and avocado to the bowl with the kale.
  5. In a small bowl, mix up a vinaigrette from the olive oil, vinegar, additional citrus and a small amount of dijon. Adjust proportions to taste and add a grind of black pepper. Sometimes I add a bit of agave if the lemon is really sour.
  6. Add the dressing and toss the salad.
  7. **This makes a good amount of salad – if you’re not prepared to eat it all, only dress what you will eat and store the rest in the fridge with the dressing separate. When you’re ready for more, just toss what you need together.


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