Rustic Italian pork chops


A simple and tasty way to do porkchops

  • pork chops, one per person (1/2″ thick and 0.5# per person)
  • 1-2t Coarse sea salt per pork chop
  • A lemon for every 4 pork chops


  1. Warm up frying pan over medium heat. Do not add oil. (I am not so sure on the lack o’ oil, but I should try next time)
  2. Quarter the lemon(s)
  3. Let the chops fry until the salt on top starts to go clear, meaning they’ve absorbed the liquid from the meat. I found this took 5 minutes or less. I want the pork chops happy, not tough.
  4. Fry the salt-down side a couple minutes, until the salt stick to the pan.
  5. Scrape excess salt off, but don’t be too vigorous (see Oct ’12 note), since the salt taste is key.
  6. Serve with lemon juice squeezed over it.

Adapted from:


Oct 2012: Made this and was too vigorous with the salt scraping. It went well with the lemon. Mistakenly added a small bit of oil to the mix, but was using a dry cast iron, so I think this was still OK. We had it with pumpkin soup which was tasty.



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