Fig jam

Aug 16, 2016:
810 g or 1.78# figs
267g sugar
3.5 T lemon juice
1/4 C brandy

Started 200g sugar

Sept 3, 2016
Bowl is 310 g
1839-310=1529g of Calimyrna figs
500-509g sugar
6-7T lemon juice
Fig leaf
3 pinches of salt
1/4 C whiskey. Meh. Added a couple gluts of brandy and perked up.

Along with some extra sugar.

Whiskey goes best with over sweet fruit.

Sept 3, 2017
445g figs from Pop’s garden
148g sugar
2T lemon juice

20 min simmer, mashing as I went. Blended well.

Added 1/4t cognac (VSOPP). Only a smudge in teaspoon twice. “The very best fig jam”

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