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  • Chili oil noodles

    ——————————————————— Thanks to my coworker Chris to telling me about this style. Noodles cook in boiling water 3.5 min, then drain in cold water 2/3 of packet Some Black pepper 1t Vinegar sesame seeds 1 minced garlic 2T heated neutral oil (heat to almost smoking) to sizzle the spices Add chives Friy up a egg. […]

  • Spatchcock Turkey

    Turkey 10-12 # turkey – ask the butcher to “butterfly” it for you (aka spatchcock) large roasting pan Rub 1T salt for every 5# of turkey, plus more for small bird (12# = 3T salt) 2-3 sprigs marjoram 2-3 sprigs thyme rosemary? Basting 1C White wine Instructions Do the following the night before, or keep […]

  • Cold brewed coffee

    Technically you can do a course grind of coffee and then add water. Better is the Magic Coffee: ⅔ cup coarsely ground coffee 3 C water 1 t cinnamon (M likes just a couple shakes) 3 T dark brown sugar (M likes a small scoop) Put ingredients in a quart jar and stir. Cover and refrigerate […]

  • Bagel (half recipe)

    Half recipe so we don’t make too much. Makes 6 large or 12 small bagels. Total time: 2 days, or 2 hours + 1 hour + overnight to 2 days in ‘fridge Sponge 1/2 t instant yeast (0.06 oz) or 0.17 oz cake yeast or 0.11 oz active yeast 2T vital wheat gluten and rest […]

  • White Sandwich Bread

    From Dell Fattoria Bread [40] 4g instant yeast 236 g (1C) water 315g AP/ wheat Flour (~2C) 7g salt (1t) 4g sugar (1t) 20g olive oil (1.5 T) Sponge: Combine half flour with yeast and water. Sit until there are bubbles on top (20-30 min). Whisk salt, sugar and remaining flour in separate bowl while waiting. […]

  • Cheese Ravioli

    Cheese Ravioli Dough: 1C semolina Durum flour + 1C “00” flour or 2C (220-240g) AP flour pinch of salt 3 large eggs at room temperature 2T olive oil Filling: 6-8 oz mozzarella 12 oz sheepsmilk ricotta (preferred, but cow will suffice) 1/4+ cup of Parmigiano Reggiano 4 Tbs minced Italian Parsley leaves Black Pepper corn […]

  • Fresh pasta

    93g AP flour per egg to start, add more as needed So 3 eggs = 280g AP flour (170g egg, after cracked in) On Jan 1 , 2018 had to add 30g more flour

  • Michelle’s cranberry sauce

    12oz (340g) bag of cranberries orange 1 C sugar orang cry e juice + water to make 1 C 1 cinnamon stick 2 cloves (optional) zest half the orange. Make sure there is no pith squeeze out orange, removing seeds. Add enough water to make 1 C (tried with 1½ and it was too liquidy) […]

  • Fig jam

    Aug 16, 2016: 810 g or 1.78# figs 267g sugar 3.5 T lemon juice 1/4 C brandy Started 200g sugar Sept 3, 2016 Bowl is 310 g 1839-310=1529g of Calimyrna figs 500-509g sugar 6-7T lemon juice Fig leaf 3 pinches of salt 1/4 C whiskey. Meh. Added a couple gluts of brandy and perked up. […]

  • Vegan frosting

    Our go-to vegan frosting. Pairs well with chocolate cake, like the dump-it.

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