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  • Bagel (half recipe)

    Half recipe so we don’t make too much. Makes 6 large or 12 small bagels. Total time: 2 days, or 2 hours + 1 hour + overnight to 2 days in ‘fridge Sponge 1/2 t instant yeast (0.06 oz) or 0.17 oz cake yeast or 0.11 oz active yeast 2T vital wheat gluten and rest […]

  • White Sandwich Bread

    From Dell Fattoria Bread [40] 4g instant yeast 236 g (1C) water 315g AP/ wheat Flour (~2C) 7g salt (1t) 4g sugar (1t) 20g olive oil (1.5 T) Sponge: Combine half flour with yeast and water. Sit until there are bubbles on top (20-30 min). Whisk salt, sugar and remaining flour in separate bowl while waiting. […]

  • Vegan frosting

    Our go-to vegan frosting. Pairs well with chocolate cake, like the dump-it.

  • granola bars

    From Michelle: don’t usually have everything on hand, so am pretty free with the substitutions:”

  • Sandwich bread

    Sept 18, 2014, 1st try “Oatmeal Sandwich Bread” from Good to the Grain

  • Stout beer bread

    I adapted the Tartine recipe to make a stout beer bread.

  • Oat porridge bread with almonds

    Adapted from Tartine Book No 3

  • Chocolate hazelnut cookies I did not get the incredibly wet dough that Deb did, but I did have to elongate the cooking time to 20 min for the first bake, in order to cut them. It still wasn’t enough. I took out the espresso powder and replaced with a teaspoon more of coco and 2t more of […]

  • Cranberry-orange morning buns

  • Tartine bread, single loaf

    This is a very, very tasty bread recipe, and allows itself to be neglected or cared for.   Adapted from the Tartine Bread book   Ingredients and Tools 350g + 25g water (about 2C) at 80°F 100 g leavener / starter 450g white bread flour (I think AP can be used as well) 50g whole wheat […]

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