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  • Bagel (half recipe)

    Half recipe so we don’t make too much. Makes 6 large or 12 small bagels. Total time: 2 days, or 2 hours + 1 hour + overnight to 2 days in ‘fridge Sponge 1/2 t instant yeast (0.06 oz) or 0.17 oz cake yeast or 0.11 oz active yeast 2T vital wheat gluten and rest […]

  • White Sandwich Bread

    From Dell Fattoria Bread [40] 4g instant yeast 236 g (1C) water 315g AP/ wheat Flour (~2C) 7g salt (1t) 4g sugar (1t) 20g olive oil (1.5 T) Sponge: Combine half flour with yeast and water. Sit until there are bubbles on top (20-30 min). Whisk salt, sugar and remaining flour in separate bowl while waiting. […]

  • Sandwich bread

    Sept 18, 2014, 1st try “Oatmeal Sandwich Bread” from Good to the Grain

  • Stout beer bread

    I adapted the Tartine recipe to make a stout beer bread.

  • Oat porridge bread with almonds

    Adapted from Tartine Book No 3

  • Ballons

    Another Thanksgiving treat brought to you by Michelle

  • bagels!

    I have been meaning to try this recipe for over a year now. Why this necessitates having a kid, I’m not sure. Now I have less time. Thank goodness for mother-in-law’s!

  • Ethiopean Honey-Spice bread

    This is a standard bread recipe for me. I have been mucking about with it for the last year or so. I don’t think I *have it* just yet, but this entry is a good work in progress.