Category: Quick Dinner

  • Orzo pasta salad

    A family favorite at this point. I am not sure where this all came from. Maybe one of Michelle’s coworkers? Blog read? No matter what, it is a wonderful dish on those late summer nights when tomatoes are plentiful and a cool salad is all that you want for dinner.

  • Green beans

    I love green beans. I would marry them if I could, and move to Utah. These are really super quick and a quite tasty Indian side dish. I made it on a whim for Michelle the other night, then made them again the following day with lunch since they were so quick and good.

  • Stamppot

    A really comforting dish. When Michelle sprung this on me last year, I thought “OK, I’ll try”. Both of us were smitten by the comfort-food quality of this dish. This is best for a colder day. The recipe is fairly loose in reality. It’s really onions / aromatics, veggies all mixed into mashed potatoes. This […]

  • Penne with Pine Nuts and Zucchini

    This is based off of a recipe from my father, who adapted it from a Mario Batali recipe.

  • anchovy and garlic pasta

    This is a recipe that most people go “eww” to, until they try it. The magic is in how the anchovies and the garlic cancel out each others harsher tones, leaving a wonderful, tasty dish in it’s marital place.

  • Harissa Spaghetti

    This is a simple, tasty, and often-used recipe in our house hold. Most of the things are on-hand at all times, it takes just minutes to prepare, minimal mess (1 pot, chopping board, + bowl) and tastes good the next day.

  • Green Beans Masala over Coconut Rice

    This is quick (under 30 minute) dish to prepare. The rice cooks while the veggies are taken care of. I think the longest amount of attention is in chopping the onion and green beans. It is tasty and is low-cost and uses only 2 dishes.

  • Israeli Couscous Soup

    A tried and true favorite in our house for colder nights. Yes, not all that great for summer, but great when tomatoes come, which will be soon. 🙂

  • Shakshuka (Eggs Poached in Spicy Tomato Sauce)

    An Israli (but originally North African) dish, this is simple, quick, and made with things that we usually have on hand. Michelle made it tonight within 25 minutes, most of that cooking time. She said it was about 5 minutes of actual prep. The end result: a new favorite. 🙂

  • Veggie Chili

    When I first heard Michelle say “veggie chili” I was skeptical. Most meat eaters are wary of anything vegetarian which usually is done with meat. It violates a basic food tenant: don’t substitute, only reduce. (Or something along those lines.) Thousands of Indian dishes make the veggies front-and-center, instead of a “replacement”. But I digress. […]