Category: One Pot Wonder

  • Caribbean Black Bean Soup

    this is based off of the Rancho Gordo cookbook recipe. A tasty, versatile bean soup that performs well as a vegetarian, low carb meal. *shudder* I hate to think in dieting terms. Please disregard the last sentence if you are health-food adverse like I am.

  • Orzo pasta salad

    A family favorite at this point. I am not sure where this all came from. Maybe one of Michelle’s coworkers? Blog read? No matter what, it is a wonderful dish on those late summer nights when tomatoes are plentiful and a cool salad is all that you want for dinner.

  • Arroz con Pollo (Rice with Chicken)

    This is really, really versatile. I have added white beans to make it more hearty, more tomatoes to make it more saucy, etc. It is also a one-pot dish.

  • Fried Rice (South Indian style)

    An excellent, low-fat dish that my friend Santoash made for us the other day that goes very, very well with curried-veggies-eggs.