Tag: vegetarian

  • zucchini rice gratin

    One way to use up zucchini. A bit of extra work to get it

  • baby bok choy sauté

    1 bunch baby bok choy 1T soy sauce 1t vegetable oil Wash bok choy. Do not dry off, but just give it a light pat to get some of the water out. The water on the leaves will be used to steam. Heat up oil in a deep pot over medium heat. Throw in wet […]

  • Caribbean Black Bean Soup

    this is based off of the Rancho Gordo cookbook recipe. A tasty, versatile bean soup that performs well as a vegetarian, low carb meal. *shudder* I hate to think in dieting terms. Please disregard the last sentence if you are health-food adverse like I am.