Tag: winter

  • Spatchcock Turkey

    Turkey 10-12 # turkey – ask the butcher to “butterfly” it for you (aka spatchcock) large roasting pan Rub 1T salt for every 5# of turkey, plus more for small bird (12# = 3T salt) 2-3 sprigs marjoram 2-3 sprigs thyme rosemary? Basting 1C White wine Instructions Do the following the night before, or keep […]

  • Celery Root puree

    A surprisingly versitile dish. Great with fish on top.

  • Shakshuka (Eggs Poached in Spicy Tomato Sauce)

    An Israli (but originally North African) dish, this is simple, quick, and made with things that we usually have on hand. Michelle made it tonight within 25 minutes, most of that cooking time. She said it was about 5 minutes of actual prep. The end result: a new favorite. 🙂